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Raccoons can wreak havoc on your property, often tearing open the soffit and gutter areas of your house and clawing their way into your attic. In fact, depending on the design of your home, there are a number of different ways for raccoons to find their way in. It is common for homeowners to find raccoons in their attics, in their garages, under their decks and sheds, and several other places.

The heat from your attic, combined with the shelter it provides, makes for an ideal place for raccoons to give birth. Mating for raccoons begins in late January and early February. After that, the gestation period is approximately two months, meaning they will give birth anywhere from early April to late May. Raccoons typically become more of a problem around this time of year, as they begin to look for food and shelter for their newborn young. Raccoons are extremely smart and adaptable, and are typically drawn to things such as garbage, pet or bird feed, fruit trees, ponds with fish, etc. When it comes to shelter, they often look for places such as attics, garages, and underneath decks, sheds, and porches.

Eviction Pest Control and Wildlife Control Services in Hamilton are specializes in all kinds of animal control, including raccoon removal. We use a combination of traps, snare poles, and exclusion to remove raccoons from your property with a focus on eliminating the attractants that are bringing them in. This ensures that your home will be raccoon free well into the future. It is also important for us to search for babies when removing raccoons from their homes – in order to be humane, we always check for babies when removing raccoons and reunite them with their mother outside of the home before they are released back into the wild.


Skunks are omnivorous creatures that can live for up to ten years. Mating for skunks typically begins in late February to early March, and females give birth only once per year, with an average litter size of two to six kits. These litters are typically born in the months of May and June. Skunks are active all year round, with no real period of dormancy except during long stretches of extreme cold weather.

Skunks are primarily attracted to grubs and larvae, garbage, pet food, nuts, berries, fruits, easily accessible water sources, and other areas with large amounts of insects. Skunks are horrible climbers and cannot jump very high, but on the flip side, they are extremely good diggers and can fit through openings as small as 4″. Skunks can be dangerous to have around your property, especially if you have small children or curious pets around. Dealing with the aftermath of a skunk spray is very difficult, and the odour can often linger in clothing and household materials for weeks.

Eviction Pest Control has the experience and expertise to safely remove and prevent skunks from residing on or around your property. Say goodbye to torn up lawns, damaged shed areas, and the anxiety of having skunks around when your children or pets are playing in your backyard. We’ll remove the skunks(s) from your property and put the appropriate exclusion methods into place so that they do not return.


While squirrels may look cute and friendly, the have sharp teeth and powerful jaws that allow them to chew holes through most building materials, and can make them dangerous to be around. Their diet consists mainly of nuts, seeds, and grains. The majority of squirrels in Ontario are of the Eastern Grey species and generally have two litters per year, with two to four young per litter. They mate in late winter, and again in early spring. They have a gestation period of about 44 days, leading to offspring being born in early spring and late summer.

Eviction Pest Control and Wildlife Control Services in Hamilton will successfully remove squirrels from inside your house, garage, or shed, and relocate them away from your property. The most important step in eliminating squirrels from your property is to have proper exclusion and prevention methods in place. Eviction Pest Control will work with you to put these systems into place so that you can prevent squirrels from wreaking havoc on your home.

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