Eviction offers every kind of pest control service in the Toronto area, so whether you own a business, manage property, or are a homeowner, we can provide you with environmentally responsible and effective extermination services, as well as humane wildlife removal and control services. Homeowners and business owners contend with several types of pests, and insects and animals will try to come into your homes to find food, water, or shelter. There are common insect pests, like cockroaches and ants, and invasive animals, such as raccoons and squirrels.

Pests often enter homes and business establishments by crawling under doors. Ants have even been known to enter homes in potted plants! Odors can be very attractive to pests, and the insects will also fly or crawl into homes to find a warm hiding place for the winter. For homeowners, we understand the frustration of bed bugs, raccoons in your attic, or mice in your pantry. If you think that you have bed bugs, our K9 bed bug detection services will quickly sniff them out.

Eviction technicians will solve all your pest problems and allow you to get back to your life. All of our technicians are trained both as wildlife technicians as well as exterminators, and are licensed through the Ministry of the Environment. We attend conferences and seminars on a regular basis to constantly stay on top of the latest information and technology. We are also committed to relentless research to find the most effective treatment methods. The result is the most knowledgeable pest management in the industry.

We serve a wide area around Hamilton and Toronto, so if you need 24 hour pest control, or just need us to investigate a noise in the attic, we’ll be there.

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